We are going GREEN!

Please review the Fleet's new policies and Sailors for the Sea's guidelines as you prep your

boat for summer!

Photo by Tyler Killion

Photo by Tyler Killion

The Fleet mission is to sustain a venue that provides easy access to the water and inspires a lifelong love of sailing and boating, while respecting the rugged beauty of Maine and supporting the community.

The Green Initiative strives to enhance this mission, and to inspire all Fleet members, young and old, to promote and embrace a culture of environmental awareness. The waters of Mount Desert Island and Gilpatrick Cove need our protection.

June 2017

Dear Member,

The Green Team has been working all spring to bring sustainability and best practices to Gilpatrick Cove – as you will see on your first visit to the Fleet.  We have installed water bottle filling stations, convenient new recycling and redeemable collection receptacles, and have upgraded the Galley.  We also have developed a set of Green Policies for this season – to guide staff, members, guests and Sailing School parents and students for this first season.  We urge you to read through these new policies, embrace them, and help us to implement this important mission for the entire Fleet and our beloved Island and Ocean. 

And of course give us your feedback!  We’re all in this together.

On behalf of the Green Team,

Mia Thompson, Rear Commodore

Photo by Tyler Killion

Photo by Tyler Killion

Our Goals:

  • Reusable water bottles only - use the new water bottle filling stations at the Fleet & Clifton Dock.
  • Bring your food in reusable containers with responsible cutlery – no more plastic waste.
  • Pack in – Pack out: when on the water, nothing goes over the side.
  • Recycle beverage bottles and cans – proceeds from redeemables will benefit the Sailing School.
  • Use our compost bin for food waste to create fertilizer.
  • Ride your bike or carpool when coming to the Fleet.
  • Use only non-toxic cleaners.
  • Use only environmentally friendly bottom paints.

We are asking you as a member of the Fleet to embrace these initiatives for the benefit of all. 

Yes, we still need your support to deliver on this important effort!  We have received many generous donations from members and friends of the Fleet – thank you! – but if you have not made a donation to date please do consider joining us with whatever level of financial support you can afford.  Send a check payable to The NEH Fleet with the memo line Green Team Initiatives.   Mail to:  PO Box 462, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662.  Call or email any one of us on the Green Team and we can answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your contribution to this positive and essential effort.

Fleet Green Team

             Mia Thompson - Rear Commodore                     John Roberts - Fleet Treasurer

            Gordon Beck – Fleet Clerk                                  Fran Charles - Fleet Manager

             Melissa Walls - Fleet Ops Manager                    Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

            Barbara Meyers                                                 Bill Dowling

            Tucker Charles                                                  Bailey Stillman

            Jim Green

 Photo by Sue Charles

 Photo by Sue Charles

Photo by Gordon Beck

Photo by Gordon Beck