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June 25, 2016

Lovely day on the Great Harbor of Mt Desert Island. Sean Beaulieu came back from a year of punishing competition on the collegiate circuit at Salve Regina University to show the older folks that he was a force to be reckoned with. He had a grip on the daily win until the Johnston's in Domino clinched with enough of a spread on Sean's Surprise team in the last race to take the daily honors. Very tight racing on the course and at every turn.  A few practice starts got everyone to push the line hard, too. Many thanks to Sue Charles and Scott Homer for RC assistance. A few of Sue's photos capture the spirit of the day....

Reminder that racing will start at 1300 on this coming Wednesday and at 1315 therafter for the summer. Come out and join us!


June 18, 2016


September 6, 2015

A morning calm gave way to twinkling at the mouth of the Western Way and then a west breeze filling from the Manset shore. The Rc set up to race to D from an angle originating from Rice Point. Lot of breeze shearing occurred as the seabreeze was trying to break in but the thermal was holding strong on the right side. Caribou was working the shifts along with Satin Doll and Mischief trading crosses. On the run back to Sutton, the poles went forward as the seabreeze took over.

The course was shifted to pass the gate and head out to L at Seawall Point, back to NEH entrance buoy and a beat to the finish off Rice Point. Caribou prevailed and had a nice shake down for taking on the world's best in a couple of weeks in Nantucket.

Wells and Mary Bacon sailing MaryJane were locked in a tight battle with Jim Fernald on SeaBee. They really showed great teamwork with exceptional spinnaker sets and douses around the race track. With their victory they hauled in the talented youth on Surprise led by Connor Ratcliff to win the tie breaker and the series for the Luders Class.

A fun reception after sailing was held at the Fleet House with almost all contestants of both classes in attendance. Helen Bissell and 'Chief Gunner' Will Henry were on Race Committee for the day keeping the ole man in check.

September 5, 2015

Twelve IODs and six Luders 16s jumped into the fun today in a race to the picnic in Somes Harbor. Before starting the sprint into the Sound sailors had to make a decision on which way to navigate around Greeening Island to get to Mark T from Mark S. Most of the Luders sailors went west and most of the IOD sailors went east. It was tough fighting through the lee of the island for those who went west but once they made it through the zone of death, they had a much shorter distance to go to T.

Interestingly, everyone sailed back through the zone on their way up the Sound and those who went closest to the island actually made it through easier than those who stayed away from the trees. There were plenty of bizarro conditions on the way up to Somes Harbor. Gambler took the cannon for the IODs and Surprise killed it in the Luders fleet. Many families joined in the fun for pickahniking and fish tales.

Race two was a drifter until getting past Acadia Mountain.any positions changed and the boats which stayed east to get in breeze with the exception of Caribou, made out well. Acontia snuck in really tight to Acadia and was able to pop back out into the breeze and leave the others behind. A beat followed up into Norwood Cove with a spinnaker reach finish back to Gilpatrick Cove. Caribou ground up Firefly and held off the hard charging Acontia to take the IOD race. Wellie Bacon showed the Luders fleet his stern. 

One more race tomorrow morning at 10am with awards immediately following for both fleets at The Fleet House.

August 28, 2015

Brilliant sunshine and a NW breeze which just wouldn't fade made for a gorgeous afternoon on the waters of MDI.

Three races with an extended final race around Greening Island for the Luders with lots of position changes. Congrats to Ned Johnston and Tucker Charles who took two out of three. Surprise sailed to a solid second with Chris Booher and Connor Ratcliffe taking the marathon race.

Nice to see the Bullseye Class rallying to get out on the water with Pete Welles showing theother  competitors the stern of his SILVER.

Many thanks to Sue Charles and Bill Dowling for running RC today.

August 23, 2015

It was a foggy day again but there was just enough visibility to see the pin. And in Maine, that means we're racing sailboats. Nat Paine along with Kincaid MacCollough gave everyone a lesson on short course tactics and strategy.

Art and Kincaid take home the season championship of two Shearwater guns mounted on walnut bases. Wells and Mary Bacon finished second after  23 races and Chris Booher edged out Dave Folger for third on the season.

Please be there in person to cheer on the Series winners and  the second and third place winners at at the Fleet House at 1600.

-Fran and Sue with Katherine and Helen on RC

August 18, 2015

The 90th Davenport Hayward Cup

The light fickle breezes were anything but consistent on the Great Harbor. Huge holes were abundant and perseverance paid off for Syd Roberts Rockefeller and Don Graves on Satin Doll. The two Bullseyes were passed after just one leg by the Luders. Sea Wolf sporting a genoa with Matthew Baird, Christopher Scott, and Gordon Beck grabbed the lead at the end of the first lap of the traditional course. As Phi, Triad, and Seabiscuit found holes, Sea Wolf sprinted forward in fresh breeze.

Caribou led the charge for the IODs and consumed the Luders before the final turn at Cranberry. And then the breeze collapsed. The pile up allowed all boats astern to catch up. Satin Doll was more than a full leg of the course behind when the wind evaporated. Woodie and Phi went east to go the long route around Sutton Island to the finish at the entrance to Northeast Harbor.

Satin Doll kept coming. Dark Star and Caribou could taste victory but just couldn’t get there. Sea Wolf reached up to meet the faint southerly.

Only one boat won. Satin Doll was victorious and most of the other boats finished overlapped. A delightful tea was spread out at the Fleet House as all toasted the new champions of the second oldest sailing trophy in continuous competition in the US.

1.       Satin Doll                                             Syd Roberts Rockefeller

2.       Dark Star                                              Mo Zukermann and Tim Hechsher

3.       Gambler                                              The Henry Family

4.       Caribou                                                David Rockefeller

5.       Dram                                                     Chris Booher

6.       Piper                                                     The Dunbar Family

7.       Sea Wolf                                              Matthew Baird

8.       Acontia                                                 The Madara Family

9.       Phi                                                          Missy MacNeish

10.   Palladin                                                Tom Rolfes

11.   Triad                                                      Alec Goriansky

12.   Seabiscuit                                            Tucker Charles

13.   Batty                                                     The Hirsch Family

14.   Dakota                                                  All sharing the helm- Ned Herrington, Alexandra Contomichalos, Weaver Lilley, Oliver Gardiner, and Theo Gardiner


Woodie                                                        John Roberts

Ricochet                                                       Kaatherine Bancroft

Silver                                                             Pete Wells

August 16, 2015

A hazy, warm breeze had lots of bizarre windshifts and mark changes. The team of Art and Kincaide on Ludicrous took care of business both upwind and downwind. Winning three of the four races they smoked the fleet and edged closer to winning the two cannons from Shearwater.

The 90th Davenport Hayward Cup is tomorrow and Luders are invited with MDI jib or genoa. NOR attached. Remember to dress inappropriately, too!

Thanks to Sue Charles, Helen Bissell, and Katherine Bienkowski on RC today.

August 14, 2015

Wow, what a spectacular day for fun on the water.

PRO John Roberts along with Emma Rusk on Shearwater and Bill Dowling with Helen Bissell on Mema sent the fleets of Bullseyes and Luders on some fabulous race courses in stunning conditions.

Racing was very tight at every turn and the Johnstons showed everyone how to sail. They completely dominated with a couple of bullets sailing their Domino while the pack snarled behind them in both races.

Artful Art Paine was consistent with a pair of threes and Jim Fernald nailed down a 2, 5 for third on the day.

August 12, 2015

Thick fog and a light breeze kept the racing inside the Cranberry Islands and almost cancelled the event this year. Sailors started in a 3-5 knot SE wind from Gilpatrick Cove and headed out to Spurling Rock between Sutton and Cranberry. As they approached the big red flashing buoy the wind entirely quit. With sails slack all of the sailboats just drifted in the ebbing current. Eventually a patch of wind filled from the sea and boats on the south side of the course vaulted into the lead with Wells and Mary Bacon in their Luders ‘MaryJane’ showing the way to others. However, it was not holding. The boats behind then rode a puff from the north side closest to Sutton Island and the last became first. David Rockefeller in his yellow ‘Caribou’ leap frogged into the lead position.

The breeze again went fickle and came back in from the south and we had an IOD Class ‘Woodie’ helmed by Jack Roberts sprint forward on a long leg over to Southwest Harbor. Just as the fleet of twelve boats were approaching the finish line, the wind quit again. ‘Dark Star’ helmed by Philip Crain saw the flags flying straight off the Hinckley dock and went around the boats which were becalmed in the middle of the harbor to win the race by a half-length over ‘Woodie’.

Seal Harbor YC Commodore, Stefan Cushman, was on hand to award trophies to the top three Luders Class boats and IOD Class boats. The first boat overall, ‘Dark Star’ helmed by Phil Crain, was awarded the O’Brien Cup for 2015.


AUGUST 12, 2015


Place Class Boat Name Skipper (Crew)

1. Mercury VA Reel Cece Gray (Winn Irwin, Addison Gray & Vernon Gray, Jr.)

2. Mercury Alley Cat Lucas Clark (Simon Clark)

3. Mercury Otter Sanford Whitehouse (Blakely & Aurelia Whitehouse)

4. Mercury Amos Moses Walker Whitehouse, Jr. (Carson, Jinglei & Walker Whitehouse, Sr.)

5. Mercury 8 Hands Over Wyatt Stephens (Heather Stephens & Mia Stephens)

6. Mercury Floating Bear Nina Cushman (Ella Cushman & Jackie Krajecki)


Place Class Boat Name Skipper (Crew)

1. Bullseye Purple Cow Sarah Neilson (Hanna Newhall & Annie Nielson)

2. Bullseye Island Girl Captain Lund (Eleanor Rogers)

3. Bullseye Seal Michael Wray (Max Wray)

4. Bullseye Pogo Margaretta Iselin (Don Iselin)


Place Class Skipper (Sailing Organization)

1. Optimist Jamie Slater (SHYC)

2. Optimist Isabela Cushman (SHYC)

3. Optimist Camila Cushman (SHYC)

4. Optimist Luke Gardiner (NEHSS)

5. Optimist Emmie Gray (SHYC)

6. Optimist Teddy Madara (NEHSS)


Place Class Skipper (Sailing Organization)

1. Turbo 420 Kinkaid MacCullough (MDICSC)

2. Turbo 420 Conner Ratcliffe (MDICSC)

3. Turbo 420 Ryder Henry (NEHSS)

4. Turbo 420 Drew Hopkins (MDICSC/NEHSS)

5. Turbo 420 Christiaan Smith (MDICSC)

6. Turbo 420 Teddy Grace (NEHSS)

7. Turbo 420 Alec Fischella (MDICSC)

8. Turbo 420 Peter Foulke (SHYC)

9. Turbo 420 Peter Lehrman (NEHSS)

10. Turbo 420 Bea Pierrepont (NEHSS)

11. Turbo 420 Jacob Peabody (MDICSC)

12. Turbo 420 Fin Matheson (SHYC)

13. Turbo 420 Vladimir Reed (SHYC)

14. Turbo 420 Athena Rodgers (SHYC)

15. Turbo 420 John Overton (MDICSC)


Inquiries: Henry Ogilby, SHYC Sailing Master (Tel: 276-5888; Email: hogilby@princeton.edu)

Stefan Cushman, SHYC Commodore (Tel. 276-4202; Email: Stefan.cushman@gmail.com)


Place Class Boat Name Skipper

1.* IOD Dark Star Philip Crain

2. IOD Woodie Jack Roberts

3. IOD Dakota Harry Goodman and Jackson Ross

4. IOD Live Yankee Rob Van Alen

5. Luder Mary Jane Wells Bacon

6. IOD Acontia Peter Ill

7. IOD Caribou David Rockefeller

8. Luder Surprise Chris Booher

9. Luder Etude Pancho Cole

10. Luder Seabiscuit Bill Eacho

11. Luder Batty Scott Hirsch

12. Luder Palladin Tom Rolfes

* Winner of the O’Brien Cup, a gold two-handled trophy that was first won in 1949 by Nelson Rockefeller sailing his International One-Design, Queen Mary, in a pursuit-style race.

August 11, 2015

On a dismal overcast day which turned into light rain along with a comfortable 8-10 knot breeze we had four bullseyes and six Luders sailors participate. Five short races were held for both classes with the Bullseyes starting 3 minutes ahead of the Luders. This made it fun as boats mixed from both fleets and there was a bit more traffic.

Ned Johnston dominated the Luders Class sailors with straight bullets in all five races. 

1. Domino, Ned Johnston   5pts

2. Surprise, Chris Booher  13pts

3. SeaBee, Jim Fernald  16 pts

4. Seabiscuit, Skye Earhart 22 pts

5. Batty, Scott Hirsch  23 pts

6. Triad, Alec Goriansky 30 pts

 Alert sailed expertly by Sam Laurence smoked the competition in the Bullseye Class racing

1. Alert, Sam Johnson  9 pts

2. Shadow, Tony Smith 11 pts

3. Isabel, Tom Mayer 14 pts

4. Gandalf, Ken Brookes 16 pts

August 9, 2015

Special thanks to Tucker Charles and Emma Rusk who gave up a day of sailing and did a superb job on Shearwater. They were ably assisted by Katherine Bienkowski and Helen Bissell on mark boat. The RC gave us lucky sailors four brilliantly creative race courses that were a bunch of fun.

I have to pay homage to the Master Art who can sail his boat higher and faster than anyone I know. Frankly, I do believe in tuning and sail trim and will work hard to try to make our boat go as well as Master Art can make his Ludicrous go. By quantifying tuning information with numbers it is possible to share information to help others as well as replicate again in the future, also. Polar moment gyradius? Really?

August 7, 2015

Spectacular conditions brought out the Bullseye Class sailors today. It was a great sight to have Luders, Bullseyes, and Cruising Class all playing in the sun. A couple of nice long races made for lots of opportunities for passing.

Special thanks to Helen Bissell and Scott Homer in Mema on mark boat duty and Sue Charles who assisted on Shearwater today. Domino with Anne and Ned Johnston gave everyone a lesson in the super competitive Luders Fleet.

Let's keep sharing those racing tips to help everyone get near the top of the pile. Please send along name spelling corrections and forward this to Bullseye sailors, too.

June Series final results

The Northeast Harbor Fleet
The Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders Sunday Series
Summer 2015
All Boats
Series Summary

Pl Sail Sailor Boat Name T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 255 Art Paine Ludicrous 25 1 1 5 1 2 7 1 1 1 5

2 38 Wells Bacon Mary Jane 26 7 2 1 2 1 1 2 3 4 3

3 30 David Folger VooDoo 45 3 3 2 5 4 8 6 5 5 4

4 32 Rick Wheeler Ondine 46 5 5 3 4 5 5 5 10 3 1

5 26 Chris Booher Surprise 46 2 4 46 3 2 4 4 10 7

6 265 Ned Johnston Domino 60 9\DNC 9\DNC 9\DNC 7\DNC 7\DNC 3 3 9 2 2

7 29 Tucker Charles Seabiscuit 61 6 8 7 7\DNC 7\DNC 4 7 2 7 6

8 33 Commodore Schoeder North 65 4 6 6 3 6 9 8 6 8 9  

91 2 Pancho Cole Etude 73 8 7 8 7\DNC 7\DNC 6 9 7 6 8

10 300 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot 88 9\DNC 9\DNC 9\DNC 7\DNC 7\DNC 10 10 8 9           10\DNC

Southwest Harbor Fleet
2015 Luders July Series
July 2015
All Boats
Series Summary

Pl Sail # Sailor Boat Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T

1 MDI29 Charles Family Seabiscuit 1 3 1 2 (6) 1 1 9 

2 265 Ned Johnston Domino (3) 1 2 1 1 3 (7) 11

3 255 Art Paine Ludicrous 2 (7) 6 4 2 6 2 22

4 263 Ryan Donohue and Jim Fernald Sea Bee 6 2 (9) 3 3 2 6 22

5 30 David Folger VooDoo 8 6 5 6 (11) 4 4 33

6 26 Chris Booher Surprise 7 9 4 (10) 7 8 3 38

7 38 Wells Bacon, Rick Echard Mary Jane 11 (12) 3 9 5 5 8 41

8 19 Christopher Scott Sea Wolf (9) 5 7 5 8 9 (12) 43

9 300 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot 4 10 10 7 10 7 (13) 48 

10 32 Rick Wheeler Ondine 5 8 11 (12) 12 10 10 56

11 MDI6 John Roberts Spirit 10 13 8 13 9 (15) 5 58

12 33 David Schoeder North 12 4 12 8 (15) 14 14 64

13 3 Fred Ford Watermelon (16/DNC) 16/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 4 11 9 68 

14 BER12 Pancho Cole Etude 13 11 (14\DNC) 14\DNC 14 12 11 75

15 307 Tom Rolfes Palladin (15) 14 13 11 13 13 15 79

16 24 Alec Goriansky Triad 14 15 14\DNC 14\DNC (16/DNC) 16/DNC 16 89

Southwest Harbor Fleet
Hospice of Hancock County 2015 Luders Class
July 10, 2015
All Boats
Series Summary

Pl Sail # Sailor Boat Name 1 2 Tot

1 265 Ned Johnston Domino 2 1 3

2 MDI29 Charles Family Seabiscuit 1 2 3

3 255 Art Paine Ludicrous 6 4 10

4 30 David Folger VooDoo 5 6 11

5 263 Jim Fernald Sea Bee 9 3 12

6 38 Wells and Mary Bacon Mary Jane 3 9 12

7 19 Matt Baird Sea Wolf 7 5 12

8 26 Chris Booher Surprise 4 10 14

9 300 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot 10 7 17

10 33 David Schoeder North 12 8 20

11 MDI6 John Roberts Spirit 8 13 21

12 32 Rick Wheeler Ondine 11 12 23

13 307 Tom Rolfes Palladin 13 11 24

14 BER12 Pancho Cole Etude 14\DNC 17\DNC 31T

14 24 Alec Goriansky Triad 14\DNC 17\DNC 31T

14 3 Fred Ford Watermelon 14\DNC 17\DNC 31T